Disability In Leeds

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Mission Statement

 Leeds Disabled People’s Organisation (LDPO) believe in striving to create a safe and accessible space that empowers and connects all disabled people to come together, to connect socially, discuss disabling social barriers and build connections with each other in the city of Leeds. 

We are an organisation for people with all types of impairments, because we believe in empowering all disabled people to come together.

We intend to help disabled members raise awareness of their needs, should they require it, and campaign for political changes in the city of Leeds and in response to national legislation that impacts disabled people. 

 LDPO operates using the social model of disability, which states that in addition to being potentially hindered by impairments; disabled people are disabled by inaccessible societal barriers (e.g. lack of wheelchair ramps in public and private buildings). 

We believe in accessibility, awareness and activism or “the three A’s” and together we hope that we can make Leeds a better city in terms of accessibility (e.g. transport and housing), rights for disabled people and building lasting social connections between people with a wide range of impairments. Together we will make Leeds a city that is desirable to live in for all people.  

Benefits of Membership

Meet Like-Minded People 

LDPO offers members the opportunity to meet Like Minded disabled people and allies in a safe and fun environment.


Disabled people face significant difficulty in their every day life. The Disability Rights Movement has been long established in the United Kingdom and LDPO continues the struggle for equality. We support members to become political and get active in our campaigns to defend their rights. 

You can find out more about our current campaigns and become a member. If you have any questions, please contact us 

Make an Impact

Have you had an idea for a project, but didn’t have the resources to do it? Members of LDPO are free to propose ideas for projects and campaigns. You can be a leader of change within the city.  You can have a look at our current projects here 


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