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The second edition of LDPO’s literary journal is now complete, and we are very excited to share with you the first glimpse of the cover art with you, by @rhkirsty. The journal has been lovingly edited by our deputy chair, Leo Gunn, to empower all our wonderful authors who wrote about friendship.

Read it here:

Disabled Voices Vol. II – Friendship

Introduction (Leonora Gunn)

1. Love in the time of corona (Lauren Fordham)

2. Friend (Rosamund McCullain)

3. Ben (Heather Lyall)

4. I need a friend, not a carer (Burgandi Rakoska)

5. An Inspiration (Alison Black)

6. It’s pumpkin time (Leonora Gunn)

7. The lego tribe (Rebecca Porter)

8. The A doesn’t stand for accessible (Rachel Handler)

9. My best friend (Lee M. Rowley)

10. Friends, but not forever (Emma Steer)

11. Friendship (Lauren Fordham)

12. The gathering of colours (P.B. O’Dea)

13. A dangerous sport (Emma Hewitt)

14. ‘No… But yes‘ Friend (E.A. Francis)

15. Serendipity (Rachel Flint)

We will be running a virtual open mic night shortly after the journal launches, so keep on eye on our twitter @leeds_dpo for updates

LDPO’s first literary journal, Disabled Voices, is comprised of short stories, poems and non-fiction essays by disabled writers from a diverse range of backgrounds. Thank you to all our contributors, to those who took the time to read and edit submissions, and to Laura Deakin for her cover art.

Read it here:

Disabled Voices

Introduction (P.B. O’Dea)

1. All the King’s Men (Leonora Gunn)

2. Benefits (Jonathan Eyre)

3. Changing museums – and society – through touch (Gill Crawshaw)

4. Depression Takes Hold (Mark Wilson)

5. gaia (Jessica Wing)

6. Getting Clean (F.R. Kesby)

7. Misconceptions (P.B. O’Dea)

8. My lived experience of ‘disabling barriers across borders’ (Mostafa Attia)

9. The Alchemist (Rosamund McCullain)

10. They call it Disability (Emma Roberts)

11. Waiting Room (Emma Hewitt)

12. Where’s Your Carer? (Emma Steer)

About our Authors

We will update on social media and the blog when the next edition of our journal will be taking submissions.

Cover image © 2019 Laura Deakin. All rights reserved.

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